As the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat battle to see who is the best in the NBA this year, we also have the battle of the sports drinks.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It seems Lebron James endorses Powerade whose tagline is “Got what it takes to keep up?” James sat out the final 3;59 of game one of the NBA championship series with the Spurs due to cramping. The Heat lost 110-95. This caused fans to question whether Gatorade, the official sports drink of the NBA could really hep recharge athletes during games.

Gatorade, in response fired off a series of tweets letting everyone know who James endorses. Truth be told though, James actually drinks Gatorade on the bench. He takes the label off and uses blank white towels that don't have the Gatorade logo on them so as not to overtly endorse his competitor.

And to think, once upon a time players used to drink water from a bucket using a ladel.

What’s your favorite sports drink? Do you really believe an of these performance drinks make you better?