Traditionally, if there isn't a President running for election, voter turnout is low.

Come Tuesday, that prediction is no different.

Only 30 percent of voters in New Jersey are expected to turnout at the polls to decide on all 120 legislative seats which are up for grabs.

The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is looking to buck the trend.

"We believe that if you're more educated and informed, you're more likely to vote," said Kerry Margaret Butch, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey. "We have an excellent website with a ton of information on the candidates. We also put a voters guide together for voters to see."

Every candidate was given a questionnaire on public policy. Those answers have been posted to the website.

"Historically, the turnout for legislative races is low regardless," said Butch. "But we hope voters will turn to our website, look at the information and become informed which in turn, will urge them to participate."

Any voter interested in looking further in depth into the public question also can look at the website. "We have posted analysis on the question from every different angle," said Butch. "We just want voters to be as educated about the issues as possible so they can make informed decisions when casting their votes."

The League of Women Voters also will be setting up a hotline on Election Day which voters can call with any and all questions.

That number is 1-800-792-VOTE and will be staffed from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.