Jerry Sandusky's lawyer says his client will proclaim his innocence if given the opportunity during his sentencing on Tuesday.

Joe Amendola (

Attorney Joe Amendola says Sandusky, who is writing a "detailed document" that will lead to his vindication, tells WCAU TV, “What Jerry has always said, his mistake was using bad judgment and doing some of the things that led up to the accusations -- getting showers with kids," Amendola said. "He said he should have realized, obviously, that wasn’t the thing to do. But he’s always maintained and still maintains his innocence.”

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Amenolda believes in Sandusky's innocense as well.

“I believe that he was set up, I really do," Amendola said. "I believe this started out as an investigation into Jerry Sandusky, but as soon as the power people realized that this could also implicate Penn State, I think this took on a life of its own.”

Amendola says there were inconsistencies in the testimony from accusers that jurors simply ignored.

“If Jerry Sandusky did all the things these young people said he did, he didn’t have time to do anything else – he didn’t have time to be a parent, he didn’t have time to be an assistant coach at Penn State – my God he was busy doing all these sexual activities with all these kids!”

He does regret not letting Sandusky take the stand during his trial, but believes the interview with Bob Costas was not a good idea.

Sandusky is likely to get a lengthy prison term from Judge John Cleland on Tuesday given the serious nature of his convictions for child sexual abuse, and the fact that he was found guilty of 45 of 48 crimes.