The crossroads of the American Revolution is in danger of development thanks to the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). 

"It made the difference in the American revolution," said lawyer Bruce Afran, pointing to the historical significance of Princeton Battlefield.

Afran is among those who consider the site hallowed ground because of its key role in America's road to independence. He's trying to stop the development of the area, and he called this morning to discuss what's at stake in changing the face of the landmark.

Afran noted that IAS, which sits adjacent to the battlefield, is in the process of excavating Princeton Battlefield to build housing for its educational program — a building project that he believes is unnecessary.

"They've lived 84 years without them," he said. According to him, professors kill to get  jobs with world-renown IAS, and people will come to work there even if they don't have these extra houses.

"It's literally a miraculous survivor of that time," Afran said of the site, which is exactly as it was in 1777. Afran and I pointed out that IAS is digging ditches where they're likely to uncover historical artifacts like musket shot, buttons and more.

"We have the exact lines where the British and Americans  stood and fought and then retreated from," said Afran. "Looking at the survey it's like seeing a moving picture of the battlefield. We know exactly what happened, literally where they want to build houses."

According to Afran, IAS has said that they will restore the field after developing it, but, "That's sort of like creating a fake Amazon River in Disneyland."

Afran noted that the Christie administration has refused to step in, although the Lt. Gov. has expressed support of their cause. He suggested that "People should be bombarding Gov. Christie's office."

I stand with Afran in defense of keeping the battlefield untouched. To develop it would be a desecration of a space that should be hallowed ground that should always remind us of the cost of freedom. 

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