When I first heard that Lawrence Taylor was putting up his Super Bowl XXV ring for auction, I felt very sad. This once great linebacker who brought so much happiness to so many Giants fans has now fallen so low that he had to give up his Super Bowl ring.Obtaining a Super Bowl ring is the one thing that a player spends his career trying to accumulate and the last thing he would want to give up.  Then to make matters worse we find that it wasn’t Taylor who is auctioning off the ring, but his son TJ. This is the same son who inducted Lawrence into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999. Here is a photo of the two of them sharing a moment during the induction ceremony.

It turns out the ring was gifted by Lawrence to TJ. As much as Lawrence Taylor says he’s ok with it, this has to hurt. It’s a definite reminder as the Giants were showing off their new Super Bowl rings this week , how fleeting fame can be when you leave the NFL.

What was the greatest gift your father ever gave you? Would you ever give it up? Leave your comments below.