A New Jersey lawmaker is pushing a plan to force convicted sex offenders to identify their status on any online social networking site.

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Assemblywoman Donna Simon says her bill stipulates that, "Anyone required to register under Megan's Law would have to identify themselves as a sex offender on any social networking profile…This just adds another layer of protection…Public safety is extremely important and in a technology-centric society, children must have similar protections on the internet that exist in our communities."

She says, "The violators would be guilty of a 4th degree crime, and the maximum penalty for that would be 18 months in jail or a 10 thousand dollar fine…These offenders find it very easy to disguise themselves on the internet and I prefer to err on the side of caution…And I think this will take it from Megan's law protections from the front door to the desktop."

Simon points out the state Parole Board would make sure sex offenders were following this proposed regulation.

'They have different methods of monitoring techniques. They go in as aliases , and they try to set up a situation where they lure them in."

She also says, "This definitely will be a piece of legislation that's bipartisan. We have put out a letter to our friends across the isle and we are currently waiting for a positive response…This is definitely a vital piece of legislation and this is exactly the type of legislation for both groups to work together for the safety of children in our communities."

The measure has been formally introduced, and efforts are underway to have the bill considered by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee in the coming weeks.