Lavallette will be the first to permanently welcome back residents to the northern barrier island nearly two months after Superstorm Sandy.

Damage from Sandy in Lavallette (Borough of Lavallette)

Residents can move back to their homes starting at 8 a.m. Saturday.

Preparations will be made today in anticipation of a return of residents including the removal of security checkpoints powering up street lights & traffic lights reports the  Asbury Park Press.

Ocean County Administrator Carl Block says the county must and also resolve the legal question of whether or not Lavallette can limit access to residents only.

The small Ocean County town sustained flood damage during the storm. However, the damage was not as severe as its neighboring Toms River communities, Ortley Beach and Ocean Beach.

Mayor Walter LaCicero tells the Asbury Park Press residents with New Jersey Natural Gas service will need to have licensed professionals reconnect their homes to repressurized gas mains before they can move into their houses.

LaCicero has been working directly with the Christie Administration to get permission to repopulate the town. He has been critical of Toms River officials for being slowing the process of letting residents back to check their properties and ultimately return home.

Toms  River officials point out that residents will need to travel through Ortley Beach which is still heavily damaged.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.