Just a passing thought from the addled mind of "el rey de la noche" on the funeral arrangements for long time Senator Frank Lautenberg, who we learn today, will be buried at Arlington Cemetery as he was the last of the Senators who served this country well in World War 2.

His body will be transported to Arlington via Amtrak, appropriate since it is a mode of transit for which he passionately advocated.

However, I was just a little surprised by where the funeral ceremony will be held.
According to this:

His funeral will be held Wednesday at the Park Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan. Vice President Biden, who served in the Senate with Lautenberg, will attend.

Ok, I get it. The funeral of an esteemed Senator would need to be held at a facility that could handle the numbers of people who will attend. Dignitaries from around the country, as well as around the state, will all be present tomorrow morning.

So I guess the Park Ave. Synagogue is the logical choice.

But just one question.

Couldn’t we find one in Jersey?