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1) Poll: How has Governor Christie handled the Ebola crisis so far?

2) Is Kaci Hickox a little full of herself and being completely irresponsible?

3) Ray the Ray Heroes of the Day – The volunteers from Farmers Insurance and St. Bernard Project involved in a 29-hour 'home rebuild' to help Keansburg Sandy victim return home.

4) Do you feel that catcalls are complementary or creepy? Check out Bill Doyle’s blog at
An aspiring actress in the above mentioned ‘catcall’ video received rape threats

5) Should hazing allegations automatically end a high school football season? Right of passage or bullying? (Take our poll question below!)

6) Poll: Mercer County to vote on plastic bag fee – dumb idea?

7) Now that Christmas shopping season is here, we’ll hear more stories of fights over parking spaces. Ever gotten into one? One Woman Stabbed to Death in Front Of Children in Dispute Over Parking Space.

8) Nearly 10% of Americans Go to Work High on Weed

9) Do you trust Apple Pay or any mobile pay system?

10) Your favorite Jersey “dive bar?”

11) Jersey’s best burger - Hardee’s returning to New Jersey

12) What irrational fears do you have….some have a fear of clowns. A Professional Clown Club Attacks 'American Horror Story' Over Murderous Character

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Here’s today’s Posse Poll: