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1) What’s the best way for the Indian Community in Edison to protect themselves due to the rash of break-ins?

2) Do you carry any weaponry with you? A knife, brass knuckles, numchucks? A student with brass knuckles was arrested after Maplewood high school lockdown.

3) Poll: Couple uses Bible passages to justify beating adopted siblings. How do you discipline your kids? Is this couple completely nuts for using the Bible to justify how they “disciplined” their children?

4) Should parents be required to pay for their children's college education? Sound familiar? Sounds like Rachel Canning all over again.

5) Was it worth the trouble to try and break up a fight? A couple was charged after woman dies of apparent heart attack in Waldwick fight.

6) Most dangerous gig you’ve ever had.

7) Ray’s Hero of the Day – Former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand who inspires Monroe’s paralyzed hockey player Mikey Nichols

8) Do you see a problem with the Mount Olive rec football coach who joked about gays, blacks, and masturbation in stand-up comedy club? Should a coach or teacher's moonlighting as a comedian be held to a special standard?

9) What is some of the slang words and expressions you would like to have banned?

10 the Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle

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