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1) Poll: Do you agree with the protestors calling for “justice” in the wake of the Fergurson grand jury decision?

2) Should there be a law making “rape by fraud” a crime?

3) What would you rather legalize? Sports betting or pot? Big choice - right?

4) Do you use medical marijuana and how hard has it been for you to get?

5) VOTE: Are family get-togethers too stressful?

6) VOTE: Do you cook, eat out, or order in for Thanksgiving? And if you cook yourself, what, besides the turkey, do you make?

7) How far are you planning to travel?

8) VOTE: NJ Lawmakers propose excusing students from school on Veterans and Memorial Day – Good idea or not?

9) Have you ever eaten a wild turkey? What wild game have you eaten?

10) Should schools have armed security guards? Woodstown-Pilesgrove BOE considering armed security personnel

11) the Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle!

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Here’s today’s Posse Poll: