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1) Looks to me like the Staten Island grand jury got it wrong! Poll: no indictment for Staten Island cop in chokehold death of Eric Garner (Graphic video)

2) Ray’s Heroes of the Day – Local PBAs help local family with chronically ill child and mom with cancer.

3) Do you still believe red light cameras are all about safety? Where have you gotten bagged the most by red light cameras? There’s a fight to keep them in place in Newark.

4) Do you have an elderly family member that’s still driving and have you tried to take the keys away from them?

5) Police departments around the state now have the ability to acquire military style weapons. Things like assault rifles and armored vehicles. Should cops be armed with military style weaponry? – or does it send the wrong message? Jersey City biggest recipient in state of surplus DoD assault rifles
6) Should schools have armed security guards? Woodstown-Pilesgrove BOE considering armed security personnel.

7) Kids shouldn’t have cellphones until they’re about 16. Anything below that is too young. One local school is mandating no cellphones in class – leave them in your locker if you’re in grades 6 thru 8….and leave them in your book bag for anyone younger. Why would you want a kid younger than a 6 grader to have a cellphone?

8) There’s a new medical marijuana facility about to open in Cranbury. Do you use medical marijuana and how hard has it been for you to get?
9) TV shows you binge watch - HBO to will release high-def version of 'The Wire' and if you never caught it, you’ll be able to catch the marathon starting December 26th.

10) Poll: Do you prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree?

11) What are your “must see TV” Christmas shows?

12) Is there any toy from back in the day that you’d bring back? Legos are becoming a hot item with adults who used to have them as kids.

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