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1: A teacher in Wayne had her license suspended for commenting on Facebook bout curse word in student's name – is this an overreaction?

2) Poll: Walmart “Fat Girls” Halloween section on website stirs uproar on Twitter – clever or demeaning?

3) Do you agree with NJ’s policy on Ebola quarantines?

4) Do you trust Apple Pay or any mobile pay system?

5) Poll: Long Branch woman and mom fight over chihuahua – who should get the dog?

6) Poll: says 1 in 5 Sandy victims still suffer serious distress – are you still suffering the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy?

7) Poll: Mercer County to vote on plastic bag fee – dumb idea?

8) Now that Christmas shopping season is here, we’ll hear more stories of fights over parking spaces. Ever gotten into one? One Woman Stabbed to Death in Front Of Children in Dispute Over Parking Space.

9) What irrational fears do you have….some have a fear of clowns.

10) Ever go to work high on weed? Nearly 10% of Americans Go to Work High on Weed!

11) Dunkin’ Donuts will be offering something new – the Croissant Donut. Do you have a “guilty pleasure” treat?

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