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4) If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, have you had a hard time finding a job? The ban the box legislation asking if an applicant has a criminal record heads to Christie's desk,

5) Do you agree with the bill passed by the full assembly banning beastiality.

6) What shows do you binge watch…..According to a TIVO STUDY: BREAKING BAD THE MOST BINGE-WATCHED SHOW

7) Scariest amusement park ride you’ve ever been on – Here’s a list of the 7 most terrifying roller coasters in the world

8) NJ lawmakers approve bills requiring high schools to teach CPR and use of defibrillators – Great Idea? Have You Ever Used CPR to Resuscitate anyone?

9) Anything you may have regretted saying during a job interview? A Man strips naked during job interview, doesn’t get job

10) Do you have a favorite Jersey sit-down restaurant?

12) Crime Corner – The Essex County Prosecutor needs information on 2 men seen running from a lot where a college student was shot and killed.

13) Does this man have a valid lawsuit? - NJ man sues Benjamin Moore over 'racially offensive' paint names.

15) Are you afraid of going to the shore because of shark sightings?

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