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1) With the passing of Casey Kasem, seeing is how his 3 adult children and his second wife were going at it - Has your family ever feuded?

2) Also with his passing, who was your favorite music deejay?

3) A recent Poll suggests that New Jerseyans Say College Is Worth It – Has it worked out for you? How much debt are you carrying?

4) Should Student Loans Be Forgiven? How much in debt are you in student loans? [POLL]

5) More Regulations for Truckers? Booker and Menendez Think So [POLL]

6) Do you get sick pay, and should the state mandate that employers give all workers paid sick time?

7) Ever been in the middle of a riot in school. A Food Fight Causes Chaos at Atlantic City High School.

8) NJ Substitute Teacher Allegedly Taped Students’ Mouths Shut – Is Corporal Punishment in School OK? [POLL/VIDEO]

9) Rossi Posse Crime Corner: Information Leading to the Arrest and Prosecution of the killer of Jonelle Melton.

Is it better to rent a home than buy? Owning a home is a Challenge for the Middle Class?

10) Pure Barre – The Latest Fitness Craze [POLL] – What fitness regimen works best for you?

11) Where was the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Sea Isle City Police arrest Philly couple for sex in the surf.

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