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1) When was the last time you got a raise? Should the Governor’s Staff have gotten hefty pay increases - the biggest raises go to former campaign aides?

2) Should Lakewood’s Tent City Be Knocked Down [POLL]

3) Is psychological counseling enough to treat the 3 Paterson Kids Charged with Fatally Torturing Cat? [POLL]

4) Nude Selfies Found at Another Somerset County School – Is it the school’s job to Discipline the Students? Should Schools allow Cellphones in School? [POLL]

5) Did your parents ever give you “tough love?” 'Tough love' lesson: a mom lets her teenage daughter spend the night in jail. Agree with what she did?

6) Do you binge watch TV shows, and which ones do you need to get caught up on?

7) Have you ever been a telemarketer – Was it the worst job you’ve ever had? [AUDIO]

8) Do you automatically swerve to avoid hitting an animal? Swerving to Avoid hitting a Deer Spurs Fatal Head-On Crash in Sussex County. Also where are the worst areas to find deer in the road?

9) Can you Cook and what’s your signature dish? Do you like the stuff TV Chefs make? Guy Fieri will be opening a steakhouse at Bally's in Atlantic City.

10) Have e-cigs helped you quit, and do you find the tax hike on e-cigs counterproductive?

11) The Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for prizes.

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