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Should More Mental Health Screening Be Required for Gun Purchasers? [POLL]

Do You Feel There are Too Many Mental Health Prescription Drugs on the Market? Xanax-Related ER Visits Have Doubled in 6 years.

What’s your biggest driving pet peeve, and should we get tougher on drivers who lollygag in the left lane? Georgia makes it illegal to hold up traffic in the fast lane. Stay right unless you are passing is now the law in Georgia

What TV Shows Do You Binge-Watch: Does it put a crimp in your lifestyle?

Tough love' lesson: a mom lets her teenage daughter spend the night in jail. Agree with what she did? Did your parents ever give you “tough love?”

A 67 year old Manalapan Man was hurt after falling out of a tree – what was the most embarrassing way you hurt yourself?

Assemblyman John McKeon wants to make another Valentine's Day in August – Do You Go Along With it?
Lifetime is going to produce a Whitney Houston biopic; who should play her?

Have you ever made pot brownies before? Don’t make them in Texas because it could get life in prison.

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