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Should a Crematorium Be Built Adjacent to a Residential Neighborhood? [POLL]

Do You Feel the Governor Has a Shot to Be President? [POLL BELOW]

Should “Under God” Be Omitted from Pledge of Allegiance? [POLL]

Should drinking be banned in the state’s firehouses? A Proposal would not allow firefighters to have any drinks before driving fire.

How fast over the speed limit on average do you drive. What’s the fastest you’ve ever been clocked at. Man charged with driving 146 mph on White Horse Pike in Mullica

Have you ever had a brush with death? Skydiver Dies After Fall into South Jersey Yard. Do you feel skydiving to be a foolish hobby?

Should you be able to transfer your kid into another school in order to play for a better team?

Legislation Could Bar Student Athletes From Transferring Into Schools to Gain Athletic Advantage [POLL]

Do you feel you’re better off being a renter or a homeowner. N.J. the 5th priciest area for renters in U.S...and a good 20 percent of mortgage holders are underwater!

Grocery Prices Set to Increase – How much have you cut back on your food budget? [POLL/AUDIO]

Who would you like to see as your commencement speaker? Do they really make a difference?

Should school lunch period be optional? Vineland High School community debates mandatory lunch policy

Teacher Allegedly Makes Culturally Insensitive Remark About Black President and is Fired – Is it Justified?

Ever had a verbally abusive teacher? According to a lawsuit filed by a former student, a Sayreville HS teacher called a student gangbanger and a car thief during racist rants.

What movies should never have had sequels? There’s a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel in the works - more than 20 years after original, with Robin Williams set to reprise the main role!

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