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If legalization of marijuana should somehow become legal, should those previously convicted of marijuana possession be given amnesty?

Does the Governor Have Too Much Baggage to Run for President?

Ever catch your daughter fooling around with her boyfriend – or did your girlfriend’s father ever catch you fooling around with his daughter? A Florida man threatens teen with gun after finding him in stepdaughter's closet, makes her do squats as punishment.

Are you in favor or against the Distracted Driving Crackdown that’s underway? And have the cops ever pulled you over for no reason?? [POLL]

Douche of the Day - Man stole children’s cancer fund donation jar

Ray of Hope – Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album To Raises Funds for Cancer Cause.

Soda Sales in US are down. Do you still drink soda, and do you have a favorite?

Do you feel DWI Interlocking Devices are more effective in deterring DWI offenses than license suspensions?

Do you prefer to be a renter or a homeowner, and how much are you paying in rent a month? N.J. the 5th priciest area for renters in U.S.

Ravens' Ray Rice marries woman he's accused of beating one day after being indicted for beating her up. Have you been in an abusive relationship – and when did you know it was time to leave?

Phillipsburg Sensitivity Program Leaves Student in Tears – Do Sensitivity Training Programs Work? [POLL]

If you’re a teacher, or married to one….how many times have you been attacked by students. 2 Sparta High school students accused of attacking teacher in lunchroom.

Should the 9/11 Museum at the World Trade Center Charge $24 Admission Fee? [POLL]

Do you support or oppose on-line gambling?

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