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U.S. Pledges $1 Billion in Aid to the Ukraine – Should We Be Involved in their Affairs? [POLL]

Worst thing you’ve ever fought over with your parents and how’d it turn out?

Do you practice your religion, or have you given up on the idea altogether? What led you away?

Are Police too Trigger Happy when it comes to dealing with Emotionally Disturbed People?

Do you feel they’re making the SAT’s more practical – or dumbing it down?

What’s the worst a teacher’s ever punished you? A British teacher was suspended for scotch taping students' mouths shut to stop them from giggling!

Is it time to do away with all “zero tolerance” rules? An Ohio elementary school suspended a student d for making gun gesture with his finger – and what’s more, said “bang!”

Fixing NJ’s Roads: Is a Gas Tax Hike the Answer? Or would you be in favor of borrowing the money? [AUDIO]

Do you feel the minimum wage should be raised federally to 10.10?

NJ Has Lowest Divorce Rate in the Country – How many times have you been married, and do you believe there’s a taboo if you’re divorced?

Do you ever use jarred pasta sauce, and if you do, which do you prefer? Ragu’s parent company is looking to sell off its sauce – or gravy.

What’s the most unusual tattoo you have? One guy in Florida man faces his fear of spiders by getting an arachnid tattooed on his cheek!

Have you ever had a jealous girlfriend bug out on you? Trenton woman suspects her boyfriend is with another female, crashes car into building!

Has anyone who’s worked in your house ever gone through your stuff? A Cleaning woman in Morris County was charged with theft!

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