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What’s the one question you’d like to ask Chris Christie if you had him to yourself? Are you happy with his answer about the GWB lane closures?

Should anything you say on line be held against you? For instance - should Tweet About Principal Have Gotten a South Jersey Student in Hot Water? [POLL]

NJ Gun Magazine Limit Bill to Be Debated – Does Smaller Equal Safer? [POLL]

Mullica Twp. Kindergarten Teacher vs. Superintendent – Who Would You Fire? [POLL] (Ever find your kid playing doctor with the kid down the block?)

Do you have any ground rules for your kids? Could you ever take back a child who tried to sue you? NJ teen Rachel Canning agrees to dismiss lawsuit against her parents

Female Gym Patron Told She Was ‘Too Fit’ To Wear a Halter Top [VIDEO] What are some of the most common complaints you have about the gym you belong to and your fellow members?

The BPU Approves JCP&L's $736M storm recovery request – Is it right that we should have to pay?

Do you feel priests who’ve been credibly charged with sexual crimes against children be buried in their vestments? Newark Archdiocese Says Pedophile Priests Can Be Buried in Vestments

Ever have some douche follow you in a road rage incident? What do you take with you to protect yourself if you’re ever involved in a road rage incident?

Have you ever used CPR or an AED to revive anyone? Shock from defibrillator revives lifeless Pascack Hills track athlete who suddenly collapsed.

Ever cheated death? A teen is accused of gaining access to top of WTC

What does your spouse do to you that drives you crazy. A British man assaulted wife who kept singing 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' after death of his mother

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