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NJ Property Tax Up an Average of 1.7 Percent Last Year – Good Sign? [POLL]

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Is an Independent Investigation of the Burlington County Jail Needed? [POLL] (Have you ever been away?)

NJ man who didn't get raise in 10 years accused of stealing 43K from employer – how long have you gone without a raise?

Rutgers Teachers, Students Upset Over Commencement Speaker – Who was your commencement speaker?

Have you ever been visited by a ghost? Gloucester County Jail still houses ghostly prisoners – Where are some of the haunted places in New Jersey you’ve come across?

Ever been involved in a Bar Fight? On Saturday morning, a West New York man was struck with bottle during North Bergen bar fight

Take your car to the car wash or let the rain take care of it? How long have you waited to get your car washed?

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