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Bill Proposes Illegals Be Allowed to Drive Legally in NJ – Good Idea? [POLL]

Parents of Rachel Canning Want Her Back Home – Would You Take Her Back? [POLL] (Have you ever broken off ties with your parents or children?)

New Jersey Lags the Country In Civil Rights Education – Is More Sensitivity Training Needed? [POLL]

Do Non-Violent Under-Age Drug Offenders need to be sent to jail? Right now NJ Kids are Ineligible for the Drug Court Program.

Should the heroin antidote naloxone be available to all cops and firefighters?

Duke University freshman working her way through college as porn star – how did you work your way through college?

Should colleges be able to ask if incoming students have a criminal record? A student group at Princeton says the University should not ask applicants about criminal records.

Rutgers Teachers, Students Upset Over Commencement Speaker Condoleeza Rice – Who was your commencement speaker?

Which roads are in the worst shape in NJ….and to fix them, do you believe a Gas Tax Hike is the Answer? Or would you be in favor of borrowing the money? [AUDIO]

Ever been bitten by anyone in a fight? One woman at the Cherry Hill Mall almost lost her finger in a fight with another woman.

Dog Poop wars – Have you ever gotten into it with a neighbor who lets their dog poop in front of your house and doesn’t clean it up? In one case, a man let his dog poop in cop's yard, then assaulted cop.

Should e-cigarettes be taxed at the same rate as regular cigarettes? The Governor plans new tax rate for e-cigarettes with 2015 budget.

Have you ever been visited by a ghost? Gloucester County Jail still houses ghostly prisoners – Where are some of the haunted places in New Jersey you’ve come across?

What TV show or shows did you hate to see end? Matthew McConaughey Won’t Return for Season Two of True Detective! Did you hate to see it end? [POLL]

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