On Thursday night, Michelle discussed the issue of a divorced parent with kids having an overnight guest...what is the right thing to do for your child?

Do you regret not marrying someone because you thought you weren't ready to settle down at the time? Ever tried to find that person?

She ended the week with an open-ended question: I married him/her despite.....??

On Wednesday's program, Michelle talked about how inevitable it was that Ashton Kutcher would cheat with a 23-year old (allegedly). The whole younger man/older woman thing: is 15 years just too much of an age difference?

Ever had short-term amnesia after great sex?  What about sexsomnia?

On Tuesday's show, Michelle talked about the woman who gave birth right after running a marathon (!!??!!). We took your calls on unusual birthplaces or circumstances.

After a fight, is it better to go to bed, or talk it out before going to sleep? Your reaction was pretty evenly split.

Michelle commented on a report that said having generic nicknames for your partner is not healthy for your relationship. True? And what is your nickname for your partner? At least three women said their guy called them "boobs"....

What makes for better texting? Sexy pictures or sexy words? We know where Anthony Weiner stands. But it seems most of the people sending the pictures are the ladies......

Michelle started the week off on Monday talking about texting. If you go out on a first date with someone, & then thery just text you a lot, but don't ask you out again, what do you do?

Michelle wanted to know: ladies, if you meet a guy you're interested in, do you offer up your card or wait for him to ask for yours? If he doesn't ask for it, do you move on?

If you have a "friend with benefits", is it preventing you from finding Mr. or Ms. Right?

See you Monday night at 7pm!