I love it when people say to me, “…did you see “Curb” this past week?”…or some such nonsense to that effect.

And I’ll go, “…no not really. I’m having a hard time finding him funny.”

And God knows, I’ve tried.

I may have watched 2 or 3 episodes of “Curb”…and at the end, came away with the feeling of, “…is that really what people think is funny?”

It’s a subjective thing.

Some comedians you find funny…some you don’t.

I know people that think Robin Williams blows, and I think they must be nuts…but again, it’s all a matter of taste.

My wife thinks Jerry Seinfeld whines too much…me, I ok with him.

I never got Andy Kaufman…and there were people that swore by his genius.

Chris Rock and Gilbert Gottfried are favorites of mine…but don’t ever mention their names to my wife.

Nor Gary Shandling…and I happen to love him.

So when my wife and I saw the story of Larry David doing an HBO movie, we both looked at each other and though, “so what’s so special about that?”

There’s a Larry David movie coming to HBO.

Don’t ask what it’s called. Don’t ask what it’s about. Larry David will star and executive produce the film. Greg Mottola (Superbad, Paul) will direct.

Beyond that, HBO isn’t saying much — except that it’s not a Curb Your Enthusiasm movie.

And the film is going to occupy David’s HBO efforts for the time being, executives say, which means Curb isn’t going to return for a ninth season anytime soon.

Believe me, I want so desperately to find him funny.

He’s a Sheepshead Bay guy, and was the genius behind probably the most successful sitcom in TV history.

But he just doesn’t do it for me.

Do you find Larry David funny, and do you look forward to his HBO movie?

And are there any comedians you have a hard time finding funny that most people like?