Lakewood Township has torn down about 20 illegal tents in Tent City.

Equipment tears down tents at Tent City (

The action follows both a court order and recent agreement intended to end the homeless camp. Most residents who lived in the encampments at the time of the settlement agreed to be counted, documented and identified.

All this took place as officials including those from Lakewood Township and the county continue to work on placement of existing residents.

Mayor Akerman tells the Lakewood Scoop, "We gave notice to those who moved in after the court order that we will be tearing down the tents. And if other new ones are built, we will be tearing down their tents".

“We will continue to do this as long as people keep moving in,” the Mayor said. “People continue to come to Tent City from all over the Country, and it must stop – even the current residents of Tent City are not happy about some of the new arrivals.”

About 100 others remain in the encampment.