One picture says a thousand words:

Does the marquis not tell you something about the school?

Right, and that is that something as seeming as petty (like graffiti) is tolerated.

First think I thought upon seeing this story and the cover photo is, hasn't the administration ever heard of the "broken window theory."

The school has already announced to the community at large that it's an environment "out of control" And if graffiti is tolerated on the outside, one can only imagine what's tolerated on the inside.

Where's Joe Clark when you need him?

Just like Rudy Giuliani preached when he was mayor of NYC back in the 90's, it's the quality of life crimes, once overlooked, give the community a sense of insecurity; and those crimes give way to more serious crimes.

Perhaps it's too late for Lakewood HS; and that's why beginning tomorrow (Monday), metal detectors will be used for students entering the building.

But imagine what a few coats of paint could have achieved?

Just sayin'