It’s never a good idea to drop F-bombs indiscriminately.

That why I don’t drop anything even remotely thought to be obscene language around my two-year old grandson.

He’s like a parrot and will repeat anything you say.

Besides there are enough F-bombs today in pop culture to make one say, “what direction are we going in as a society?”

But I ask myself, “why get upset over one word?”

Apparently that’s the discussion they’re having over the Los Angeles Mayor’s strategically dropped F-Bomb, according to the NY Daily News, at a rally for the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings.

Garcetti brought the L.A. Kings fans to their feet when he said the following:

“There are two rules in politics,” Garcetti told those celebrating the victory. “They say never ever be pictured with a drink in your hand. And never ever swear.
Then he added dramatically: “But this is a big f—-ing day. Way to go, guys.”


Garcetti made an appearance later Monday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live," where Kimmel told him “I enjoyed your performance at the rally today.”

Garcetti replied, “I got a little ahead of myself. But you’ve got to remember, we didn’t win at lawn bowling, we won in hockey.”

The mayor added, “Kids out there do not say what your mayor said today.”

I certainly don’t make it a habit when the kids are around because, like I said, the 2 year old is like a parrot.

But unless someone uses the word to punctuate every sentence they say – if it’s used in a setting like the one the LA Mayor was in – BFD!

Do you have a problem when someone blurts out an f-bomb?