L.A. Parker is a columnist for The Trentonian in our state's capital. He wrote such a strong piece on key players in the Bridgegate scandal pleading the 5th that I just have to share it. From the first paragraph you know where he stands and how passionately he feels.

"America remains the greatest country on Earth, proven again Tuesday when Governor Chris Christie’s former advisors Bill Stepien and Bridget Anne Kelly slurped another pint of our nation’s Fifth Amendment then vomited their bile toward Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson."

Wow! And I couldn't agree with him more, right down to his take on Bridget Anne Kelly's lawyer moaning about how much his client has been 'affected'. Poor single mother of 4 kids looking for work. Yeah let's conveniently leave out the part about WHY she's looking for work. Bridget Anne Kelly, Bill Stepien, and the whole lot of them all make me sick.