While the recession may have ended three years ago, a majority of employees continue to see reduced wages and slashed health care coverage.

According to a survey by the National Endowment For Financial Education, employees are paying higher deductibles and co-pays these days.

"Seven out of ten says they've experienced a change or elimination in their employee benefits package," said NEFE spokesman Paul Golden.

Golden says not only are employees making less, but saving for retirement has gotten tougher too.

"Twenty-five percent said their company cut back on their 401k match and thirteen percent said they stopped matching altogether."

He said even though the economy has gotten better, there are still a lot of changes on the horizon for employees.

"Its a catch twenty-two really...employers are looking for ways to retain their employees as they continue to recover from the recession, but they are eliminating a lot of perks for employees including bonuses, performance evaluations, and some benefits."

This year workers' out-of-pocket costs rose nearly 6% to an average of $3,400 for a family of four, according to an independent study.

"It's something that employees need to keep an eye on," said Golden.