MANCHESTER — A dangerous batch of heroin has been found in another New Jersey county.

Ocean County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Al Della Fave said a fold stamped "King Of Death," which Atlantic City police already blamed for at least two deaths earlier in the week, was found during a call to a home in the Whiting section of Manchester on Wednesday.

It took two doses of Narcan to revive the man, according to Della Fave.

"King of Death" was found in two fatal overdoses in Atlantic City on Wednesday, according to Atlantic City Police, who reported a total of six ODs on the same day.

Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Fair said that the stamps on the bag are put there by a dealer and could be one of many stamps on the bag. In the Whiting case, "skull candy" was also stamped on the bag.

“Depending on what movies are hot, it might be a movie name or a superhero symbol. This happens to be ‘the King of Death’ and whatever the dealer or distributor cuts a drug with is probably what is killing or making these people overdose,” Fair said.

The stamp acts as a brand that users will seek out because of their potency.

Ironically, Della Fave said that such warnings about potent and lethal batches of heroin act as a type of advertisement for dealers. "People know they have the potent, most powerful stuff. People will run to them for it. It's horrible," Della Fave said, adding that there were 500 reversals of overdoses in Ocean County in 2016.

Drug overdoses should immediately be reported by calling 911.

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