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1) Finger Gun Leads to the Suspension of a 6 Year Old Boy from a School in Maryland, which is just like the case 10 years ago of a Sayerville child– Is suspending the child going too far?

2) How do you feel about “Dusty’s Law” where the killing or injuring of guide dogs by other dogs would be criminalized? Criminalizing dog on guide dog violence…do we need such a law?

3) Seaside Heights boardwalk reconstruction to begin later this month…but if it weren’t, then which one would you miss the most?

4) Do you feel the cops in the case of a Ft. Lee teen who was held in a police van for 15 hours got off easy? The kid is suing Fort Lee police after being left in van for 15 hours without food, water

5) How hard is it for you to make a living here as a construction worker…as we are facing a shortage of construction workers?

6) Rossi Posse iPod shuffle tonight for your shot to win tickets to Sarcasm Comedy club for any Saturday night show in the month of January.

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