What's the deal?

I've heard of "burying your head in the sand."

And, kids playing "hide and seek."

But, this is ridiculous!

If this "child" isn't a "smurf," he or she is probably rather "blue" by now...

This snow is deep! And cold, too! (Craig Allen photo)

Seriously, what's going on here?

Your turn....Put on your "thinking caps" and add a caption!

It's Craig Allen's version of Big Joe's Caption Contest (sorry, I don't have any prizes).

(Craig Allen photo)

I'll start!

"Look, mom....I can stand on my head!" (Of course, this exclamation is somewhat muffled by the deep snow.)

We're so sick of the snow, that its time for some snow-inspired FUN!

Go for it!

Aaahhh.....some warm soup...just what this "kid" needs. And, its "made in New Jersey soup." Of course!


DISCLAIMER: No real children (or mannequins) were involved in these snow photos!