Jeff is currently trying to break his caffeine addiction. He says he would like to remove it from his routine completely. Now, we are looking for any advice that can help Jeff complete this goal.I quit drinking energy drinks back in August. Good thing I did because according to our own Townsquare News Network, energy drinks may be responsible for an increase in emergency room visits over the last few years.

David Matthau writes,

Dr. Steven Marcus, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Poison Information Education System, says college kids, for ages, have used coffee and no-doz pills to stay up late and study.

“So that’s always been available, but these energy drinks are used by young people to party all night and they’re readily available – caffeine in the right amount can be useful but these drinks make it easy to go over the edge and consume too much of it.”

He says too much caffeine, “can actually go so far as causing seizures, it can speed your heart rate up to the point where you have cardiac arrhythmia, and if the heart is driven so fast and at such an erratic rate from the caffeine, then you can bring the heart to a stop.”

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