Dennis and Judi are welcoming their friends from KC Prime to the NJ1015 studios today for lunch!  You can watch along with the live event as it happens on our YouTube channel below.

Here's how the hour kicked off, with Dennis and Judi broadcasting in our lunch area at the station. This was also the start of what was an hour-long abuse session for one of our Loyalty winners, Carmine. According to Dennis and Judi, Carmine looked as if he would rather be at a colonoscopy than to be at the station with them.


Here's a special behind-the-scenes moment that you didn't hear on the air. It took place during a break. Judi decided to interview the chef from KC Prime while he was serving food. Do you think Judi frazzled him even a little bit? Nope! Check out the footage below.

You can see photos from lunch with KC Prime below!