You know Dennis and Judi couldn't go through the day without talking about the latest debacle from Kayne West at the Grammys last night. Beck was accepting the Best Artist Award when rapper Kanye West decided to take the stage. Just as it looked like he would interrupt, West cracked a smile, turned around and went and sat down.

This isn't the first time that West has interjected himself into someone's acceptance speech. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech back in 2009.

This time, Kanye didn't speak and just went and sat down, leaving a very confused Beck on stage wondering what the heck just happened.

After discussing Kanye's little joke, Dennis and Judi agreed that the world has seen and heard enough from Kanye and that he needs to just go away.

Dennis and Judi decided to have some fun and open it up to the listeners to name their most disliked celebrities who just need to go away as well.

Here's the distinguished list below:

- Conan O'Brien

- Rachel Ray

- The Kardashians

- Governor Christie

- Taylor Swift (Although Dennis and Judi objected to it)

- The GEICO gecko

- Madonna

Who do you think should make the list? Keep it going by commenting below.