Kate Gosselin is under scrutiny again for her parenting skills, this time from the president of KidsandCars.org, Janette Fennell.  One of Kate's sons crawled under the car to grab a piece of paper and in a picture that was snapped, you can see his head right behind the front right wheel.  Obviously kids should not be crawling under cars, and Janette is saying that Kate should have been outside the car supervising.  I am not defending Kate by any means, but we did a topic tonight about things your children have done to keep you on your toes and sent you screaming in fear.  Maybe you were the child always worrying your parents.  The point is, if every parent had a camera on them 24/7, most would come under fire.  You can say you have eyes behind and on the side of your head, and as one caller said, on your butt, however, there's always going to be something you did or your child does that requires a late night visit to the ER.   The most you can do is keep your eyes on your kids as much as possible, especially in the store, because I have to say the call that shocked me the most, was the one in which a mother slapped a kid so hard for knocking something over and it turned out she slapped the wrong kid!  She slapped someone else's child, and the mom came running, but why was the mom away from her child for that length of time for that to occur?