Justin Timberlake plays the perfect douche as Sean Parker in the movie “The Social Network”.

Some think the role fit him, because of the video that was shown at his wedding ceremony using homeless people and other street people who supposedly “couldn’t make it to the wedding!”

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel may have wed in a lavish, upscale ceremony in Italy, but a video reportedly shown during the affair is getting slammed online for being in poor taste.

The video was obtained by Gawker, and features people believed to be homeless, street musicians and transvestites giving the multimillionaire couple blessings and well-wishes.

“Greetings from your Hollywood friends who just couldn’t make it,” the clip begins.
“Jessica and Justin, I haven’t seen y’all in a long time,” says a man missing teeth, adding, “My gift is in the mail.”

A man off-camera, reportedly the film's producer, also asks a man dressed in woman’s clothing if he has anything he wants to tell the couple.

“Good luck and watch your man,” the transvestite says with a laugh.

The full video is reportedly more than 8 minutes, but Gawker posted a 20-second clip on its website.

The video’s producer was identified as Timberlake’s friend, Justin Huchel, a Los Angeles real estate agent. His attorney told Gawker to take down the video or face a lawsuit.

A letter posted by the website from attorney Michael Saltz says the video was copyrighted and stolen from Huchel.

“Specifically, Mr. Huchel made a video to be used and exhibited privately at Justin Timberlake’s wedding as a private joke without Mr. Timberlake’s knowledge," Saltz wrote.

Timberlake and Biel’s reps didn’t return calls seeking comment, TMZ reported.
Despite Huchel’s attorney trying to distance the former boy band singer from the video, the decision to mock the homeless at an elite event said to cost in the millions of dollars isn’t sitting well with some.

“It’s official I am no longer a @jtimberlake fan!! Unfollowing you right now! Mocking the homeless is wrong!” Twitter user @StephBreezy678 wrote.

Others tweeted the video is “tacky” and “disgusting.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find it all that offensive. Could be a warped sense of humor…and those who were taking part in the video didn’t’ seem to put out by it.

Judge for yourself, then take the poll….douchey or not?