Last month was one for the record books. New Jersey had its wettest June ever, dating back to the first recordings in 1895, according to state climatologist Dave Robinson.

Flickr user mxgirl85

The rainfall amounts ranged from 4.79 inches in Wildwood Crest to 13.07 inches in Pittsgrove.

"The statewide average was 9.54 inches," said Robinson.

That number is almost an inch above the previous record, set in 2003.

The start of July has continued New Jersey's wet streak. The state has been stuck in the same tropical pattern since early June. Torrential rains are a threat through this evening, potentially causing flash flood issues.

While the rain may be putting a damper on summer plans, Robinson said there's some positive news to take from it.

"We have no concerns about any kind of major drought in the next few months," he said. "The reservoirs are full. The rivers are high - dangerously so, in some cases."