If it feels like every July keeps getting hotter and hotter, you're not too far off.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

July 2013 ranks as the fifth warmest summer on record, and is the fifth entry from the past decade in the top ten list.

State climatologist Dr. David Robinson said what made July 2013 especially brutal is while the highs were bad, it was the daily lows which contributed to the ongoing oppressive heat.

"The minimum temperatures at night were the warmest we ever seen for a July."

Additionally, cloud cover and leftover humidity from a very rainy June (and July) created a lot of humidity in the atmosphere, trapping a lot of the daytime heat during the overnight hours. This prevented a chance for the air to cool down sufficiently.

This continues a trend of a extremely warm months in the past decade. Last year saw a record breaking March, 2011 had a sky high April and June.  Additionally a half dozen other months within the past fifteen years were record breaking.

Robinson agreed that human involvement is partially responsible for the changes, noting that while greenhouse gasses might not be responsible for every "twist and turn" in the weather pattern, they are to blame for some of the record breaking figures.

"We're just adding to natural fluctuation, by the amount of greenhouse gasses we're putting into the atmosphere the way we're changing the earth's surface and other impacts."

In short, this is one of the 10 warmest July's across New Jersey since statewide values began to be generated in 1895.  Here is the current top 10 list:


Rank                      Year                     July (average temperature)

1                            1955                     79.0 degrees

2                            2011                     78.8 degrees

3                            2010                     78.7 degrees

4                            1999                     78.4 degrees

5                            2012                     78.1 degrees

6                            1949                     77.8 degrees

7                            2006                     77.3 degrees

8                            1994                     77.1 degrees

9                            1901                     77.0 degrees

10                          1993                     76.9 degrees

The average, based on the 1981-2010 interval is 75.0 degrees.