It's literally been a dream of mine to be locked up overnight in a shopping mall. When I heard the story of a man who had exactly that happened to him, I was amazed.

An employee at the Short Hills Mall was left there, overnight. Kind of like a grown-up version of Home Alone. Only I would have LOVED this! Not only have I fantasized about having it happen, but I've also woken up bummed out in the morning after realizing that it had only been a dream.

I once saw a movie called "Where the Heart Is" and in it, a pregnant girl was left on the roadside and ended up having to sleep the night in a Walmart. It required her to be very creative, washing up in the bathroom, using the camping equipment to sleep in, fixing herself up with stuff from the toiletry and pharmaceutical aisles.

Those were the days before Walmart had groceries, so her sustenance depended on meager rations from the candy aisle. It seemed like kind of a cool place to "camp out" , but the mall would be so much cooler! I can picture myself wandering in and out of stores, trying things on with abandon, with no one rushing me!

There are places that it would suck to get locked in, though. Like a gas station, an auto parts store or an insurance office. Thinking about how stuff like this could happen makes me think of the worst and best places to get locked in overnight!

Best places to be locked in:

  • Shoe Store
  • Movie Theatre
  • Art Museum
  • Ulta
  • Sephora
  • Whole Foods

Worst placed to be locked in:

  • Insurance company
  • Auto parts store
  • Gas station
  • Work (actually where we work wouldn't be bad, but other offices aren't as fun)
  • Bank
  • Broken elevator

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