There has been a ongoing trend lately that the conference room here at the offices of NJ101.5 has been in great demand. Leave it to Judi Franco to decide to drop an Email to our Administrative Assistant, Allison Dowd to reserve the conference room for herself and her on air partner, Dennis Malloy. Here is a copy of the Email that was sent to the entire staff:

Dear Ms. Dowd

Dennis and I have noticed Townsquare’s new policy of reserving the conference room for important events and feel extremely left out.

Everyone from our CEO to Dan Specht to Jose from the cleaning service has had a turn with the conference room and we feel like it would boost company morale if we, your Midday team, also booked the conference room for some important event.

Therefore, we would like to request a reservation of said room on Monday, June 4th , 2012 from 11:53AM till 11:57AM. (Important event to be announced.)

We also ask that all staff respect our privacy and remain outside of the conference room for those 4 minutes.

Please forward to all staff.


Thank you for your cooperation

Judi Franco

Midday host

NJ 101.5 FM Radio


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