We over-protect our kids today to the point where no stranger can help them. They deem all passersby potential rapists, all middle aged men latent pedophiles. Cause we've pretty much told them that most strangers are bad, dangerous people. And it's sad. It'd be better if they had to use a little more intuition, street-smarts and common sense.

Then, when Dennis' daughter Marissa, a stunning, bubbly, kind-hearted 21 year old girl, pulls over to ask a 15 year old boy on a rain-soaked highway with no shoulder if he'd like a ride, she wouldn't get glared at. And turned down. And feel like a creep. Ahhh..for the good old days, when you could just help out a kid in need and not fear that you'd get your pic on Meagan's List.

Sensor alarms going off when I leave a store always make me check myself mentally to make sure i haven't stolen something. Then I gotta give that whole "Awwww, this technology thing is so annoying!!" look of exasperation to curious onlookers to prove that I'm innocent. There are so many false alarms today that employees don't even notice anymore. So if you're a thief, just keep walking! Chances are you'll get way with it.

We gave foreigners a chance to call in and pay homage to America..and give their thanks..to her for giving them the opportunities that they didn't have in their home countries..and for being able to  live the American Dream.

And last, but certainly not least, today is my on-air partner, Dennis Malloy's birthday.  He looks fabulous for his advanced age, and I'd like to wish him a year filled with only good things..health, prosperity and joy. He's one of the things I'm thankful for every Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your holiday with your family and friends. and remember if you hate cranberry sauce, turkey meat, or Uncle Vinny..at least you'll have the other opportunity that living in this great country affords you: The ability to buy a 42' HDTV with an MSRP of $899 for only $499!!

And that, my good friends, is something to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!!