If Christie and Trump did have a deal to endorse each other at the start of this whole campaign cycle, it makes me feel even worse for Christie.

That's almost an inherent promise that you'll be "someone" or "something" in the cabinet when either gets elected. While I believe there's still a place for Christie in Trumps circle, his relevance has lessened if not diminished entirely.

Call me a softy, but I always have sympathy for the mighty who have fallen. Maybe even more than I do for the little guy who falls, because that longer distance slide and thud at the end is way more painful.That is one of the most difficult trajectories and when it happens in the public eye it's even worse.

I'm no fan of Christie's 180 degree turn from man of the people to Presidential candidate and political animal, but still I understand how difficult the fall from grace can be. I can separate my personal feelings for him from my disappointment in some of the things he's done as governor.

He's a human. Yes, he may have failed us to a certain extent, but he also failed himself. Ouch.

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