What have we come to? In a desperate attempt to outlaw meanness, a seven year old girls fate is being decided by a court of law because she's a meanie!

A state administrative law judge has reversed a Bridgewater-Raritan Board of Education ruling that a 7-year-old girl bullied a girl with a speech defect.

Bullying is not a crime. Nor should it be.

We can't legislate kindness or the lack thereof. Kids are kids and some are mean. And yes, it's devastating when it happens to your kid. But for the gazillionth time. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO KIDS AND IT WILL GET BETTER AND LIFE WILL BE FINE AND THEY WILL BE STRONGER BECAUSE OF IT.

If your kid is bullied as I was (and by that I mean a constant barrage of taunts and insults, and mental cruelty) IT IS NOT A CRIME. The legal/judicial system should not be involved!

Use it as a teachable moment to show your child that you care for him/her and that family will always love you and that we can't be protected from everything and that bad things happen.

Teach a child that it will end someday and he will be stronger for it. I know how hard it is to watch but remind yourself that you're an adult, so you have to be tough too. As much as it hurts.

Be tougher than your kid, and know that this will make him better, stronger and more compassionate. Reminder, no one who ever did really great things had a really easy life.

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