New Jersey summer businesses are upset about a phenomenon that has been growing in recent years: losing business because of faulty weather forecasting from weather apps.

Now, a meteorologist is one thing. He's a human being who has human instincts and so has a keener sense of what actually may happen when it comes to a weather forecast. But the problem with the weather app is that it is basically a computer's idea and based on the model it uses, it's forecasting can vary widely. Unfortunately, when businesses depend on good weather — as many in Jersey do — people who plan to drive into the Garden State will change their minds based on what is basically just a pretty good guess.

So when you look at your overcrowded home screen on your smartphone and think about what apps to clean out, you probably won't miss too much if you ditch your weather app. It's one of the first apps to go if you decide it's time to purge your phone of unnecessary apps. As a famous New Jerseyan (my father) once said, "they're never right with moisture." And that is absolutely true.

There's no human being on the face of the Earth and no weather model that can accurately predict when rain will come and go, how hard or soft it will be or exactly where it will fall. In the old days, you just took a chance.

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