If you're looking to hire a terrorist, don't hire this guy. If terrorism was a company, Ahmad Kahn Rahami would've been fired.

As terrorists go, Ahmad Kahn Rahami was a hack. Just off the top of my head, I can find ten things he did wrong that ensured that his would not only fail, but get caught when he did.

That's why Isis won't claim responsibility for his actions. They don't even want to be associated with such a failure.

  1. Who leaves a flip phone with previously called numbers in it?
  2. How do you leave fingerprints all over the devices?
  3. His batting average for his handmade bomb detonations was staggeringly low.
  4. He timed the Seaside Bombs for when the 5k was SUPPOSED to start. (Thank God it didn't!)
  5. Why leave a bomb in a suitcase in plain view? An "unattended suitcase" is the most oft-reported item in the world!
  6. How about keeping the noise down at the family chicken restaurant? All the noise complaints brought so much attention: Don't terrorists wanna keep a low profile
  7. Partying into the night at the First American Fried Chicken shop made more people aware that the family seemed out of place.
  8. The attempting stabbing of his sister and subsequent arrest and incarceration put him squarely "in the system" and easily identifiable. (Note to would-be terrorists: Don't stab your sister)
  9. After a day like his, he couldn't have found a more clandestine location to catch a nap?
  10. Naming the shop "First American Fried Chicken." Enough said.

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