Those loveable, madcap scamps at the New Jersey Supreme Court have decided to jump nimbly over the normal judicial processand hear the case of the New Jersey judiciary's protest over having to make the same contributions as other public workers toward their healthcare and retirement. Last month a Superior Court Judge ruled that asking Judges to contribute their fair share toward the most munificant benefits in this end of our galaxy was "unconstitutional."  The Constitution says judges' "salary shall not be diminished during their term." It does not mention benefits. She also ordered that they be given back any contributions that have been collected. And so we have the sorry spectacle of a judge making a decision that directly puts money in her pocket. But, in Trenton, "ethics, schmethics." The process over which the court did the arabesque, in Barishnikov fashion, is that an appelate court should hear the case first. But it appears the Supremes are anxious to rubber stamp the Superior court's ruling so a possible Appelate Court ruling to the contrary cannot stop them getting their share of the returned contributions and continue to get the richest benefits of all Public workers with the least contribution. Ya gotta love this Gang of Seven