TRENTON (AP) — A judge in New Jersey will review the Facebook postings of a teenage girl who has accused a man of sexual assault.

The Facebook and WhatsApp app icons are displayed on an iPhone (Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The judge has ordered the 17-year-old to provide her email address and password so he can review postings made the week before and after the alleged assault took place at Mountain Lake Preserve in Princeton in 2013.

The Trentonian  reports David Stevens-Parker's lawyer argued his 22-year-old client had consensual sex with the then-16-year-old.

The judge on Tuesday warned attorney Andrew Ferencevych that he might find posts that bolster the prosecution's case.

The girl alleges she was sexually assaulted after Parker got her drunk.

Another man in the case, who was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old, pleaded guilty to child endangerment.

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