A prosecutor was wrong to tell an Essex County jury accused murderer Samad Livingston was "praying to Allah" during closing statements this week, a judge reportedly said Tuesday.

According to a report by New Jersey Advance Media, Eric Plant, assistant Essex County prosecutor, said Monday Livingston talked about "praying to Allah" while speaking with police. Livingston told police he prayed on the night that 35-year-old Charles Walker was killed.

But attorneys for both sides acknowledged Tuesday Livingston is a Christian, the report quotes Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler saying. And in any case, the judge said, "Allah" can be a title for God in many religions, and Livingston's religious believes were not relevant — he told jurors to disregard the statement.

Livingston, of East Orange, is accused of fatally shooting Charles Walker on the porch of a Newark home in January of last year as part of a territorial dispute between drug dealers.

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